Chris Jericho on AEW Star: ‘When He’s On television, The Ratings Go Up’

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Chris Jericho is a fan of Swerve Strickland.

The previous AEW World Heavyweight Champion applauded Strickland for will draw television rankings. He believes the factor for this is because of Strickland having a connection with audiences.

“If you get put in that leading position and you do not draw and individuals do not see your matches…… television rankings are so crucial,” Jericho stated on WTF With Marc Maron (H/T to Fightful). “I check out the minute-by-minute television scores each week to see, how did I do? How did this person do? Who is drawing each week? You can sort of see this pattern of whenever he’s on, the scores increase. Swerve Strickland is among those people. He’s not a rankings treasure trove, however whenever he’s on, the rankings increase.”

Jericho continued, “They [Swerve & & Jade] are stars and I wish to see what this individual is doing. That matters. If you do not draw…… my manager, Tony Khan is a numbers fanatic. You will not be put in that position any longer if you are put in that position and the scores go down. That’s part of it. You need to link and individuals need to view you on screen. If not, you will not be on screen because position, or perhaps you will not be on the primary program, you’ll be on the next program. There are levels to that too.”

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