Chris Jericho On AEW Developing Stars: ‘We’re Going To Get To Everybody, I Promise You’

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Chris Jericho On AEW Developing Stars: ‘We’re Going To Get To Everybody, I Promise You’

Chris Jericho is leading the way for All Elite Wrestling and while people should be thankful for “Le Champion,” he knows bubbly should be broken for other talent as well.

Jericho spoke with Wrestlezone and 101WKQX host Kevin Kellam Wednesday while promoting last week’s AEW Dynamite taping in Chicago and “The Painmaker” makes it clear that time is on their side as far as getting stars over are concerned. Jericho sees quite the handful of them on the AEW roster.

“There’s quite a few. Darby Allin’s one of those guys from the start. Look where he’s at now since the beginning. Scorpio Sky’s another one, tonight we’re really going to make him a star. I think Jungle Boy—my teenage daughters don’t care about wrestling, but they love Jungle Boy. He’s something that wrestling is missing, which is a heartthrob for the teenage girls, like a Jonas brother, one of those types of guys who the girls love. I like that idea. I think Luchasaurus is going to be a big star for us. I think Jake Hager when he starts wrestling for us is going to be somebody that’s hard to deal with in the ring.

“Pentagon, Fenix, The Young Bucks, and a lot of other younger guys coming up that they haven’t gotten to yet. We’ve only been doing this for nine weeks. It’s only been nine weeks, wait until nine months from now and see where everybody is. We’re going to get to everybody, I promise you. We know that you need to know who these people are, but when you’re basing these things over the first few months, year, whatever it is over what Jericho is doing, what Cody’s doing, what Kenny’s doing, Moxley’s doing, there’s only two hours of TV time every week. So that does edit down some of the personality profiles, but we will get there.”

Jericho noted we’ll know more about The Dark Order and Jurassic Express in recent weeks, and they’ll keep getting to more people so fans should enjoy what’s there and just know that they’ll get there. As seen on TV the past couple of weeks, those two factions have been getting more airtime through new character-based vignettes, so it appears that AEW is starting to flesh things out and they’re giving fans a chance to get to know more of the roster.

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