Chris Jericho Is Back In Kuarantine With ’Love’s A Deadly Weapon’, Get An Inside Look At ‘Young Rock’

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Chris Jericho Is Back In Kuarantine With ’Love’s A Deadly Weapon’, Get An Inside Look At ‘Young Rock’

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Chris Jericho Is Back In Kuarantine

Chris Jericho is back with “Love’s a Deadly Weapon”, the newest offering from his 80s-era KISS-inspired rock group, Kuarantine.

Jericho spoke with WrestleZone last year about the band, who also released covers of KISS’ “Heart Of Chrome” and “No, No, No”, calling the project a perfect example of how to stay creative in current times. The FOZZY frontman said he saw this project as the perfect way for a band to put out new content and entertain people while adding a fun twist.

“The best thing about it is—I’ve never even met the guitar player. It just shows how you can make music now just doing it from home. Just connecting and like you said, staying creative during a pandemic so you don’t lose your mind and fall into the ‘Groundhog Day’ mentality, which I never subscribe to. It’s been really cool. We’ve gotten a lot of steam,” Jericho said, “we’re getting airplay all across the states now. We’ve got almost 100,000 views on the video in a short time. People are just looking for stuff to do and we got no problems giving them that.”

The first two music videos Kurantine shot featured cell phone videos and studio session footage, much different than a typical high-end music video shoot, but their third effort is a much more traditional video with a performance and pyro.

“Love’s a Deadly Weapon” is from KISS’ 1985 album Asylum; you can check out Kuarantine’s version of the song below:

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Inside Look At ‘Young Rock’

The Rock posted the following “inside look” at his new show Young Rock, premiering Tuesday night on NBC:

Ladies and gents here’s a FIRST LOOK at our new @nbcyoungrock TV show

This whole thing will never not be surreal to me, but it’s been so nice to see
a) everyone’s excitement to watch the show
b) for those (critics and industry folk) who have already seen our season premiere – give their praise to all the actors playing my family.
I think they did a great job, too and I know my family are looking down feeling very proud and grateful.

Enjoy this piece and tune in TOMORROW NIGHT for our SEASON PREMIERE OF #YoungRock!!!

8/7c only on @NBC

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