Chris Jericho Goes Over Transitioning To Commentary In AEW

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AEW wrestler Chris Jericho just recently appeared on the “In The Kliq” podcast to discuss his commentary work and how the COVID-19 pandemic led him to enter into the Rampage commentators’ desk.

You can have a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

On how he wound up doing commentary:” So what occurred was, right prior to the lockdown, I think it was March of 2020. We were informed that whatever was going to be locked down. April, the entire month. Atlanta was closed down and Jacksonville– whatever was closed down. Tony Khan, my employer, we had to go to Atlanta to QT Marshall’s wrestling school, which we had to rapidly make into a tv studio, and movie 30 matches. Now, Wednesday night is when we discovered that whatever’s closing down Thursday night at midnight. In the course of this two-hour duration, Tony composed 30 matches. And I was initially expected to be off that week. , if you remember I did a vignette in my home with my canines and Vanguard-1.. That was that was occurring, lockdown or not. That was my function for the week. And after that the next week I was gon na do commentary for whatever we had going on.

” And I stated, ‘Well, considering that I’m expected to do commentary for that week, why do not I pertain to Atlanta and simply do commentary for the entire program?’ Therefore Tony Schivone and I did commentary for 30 matches. A, it was truly tough. B, we had no option. C, we just had 30 percent of the lineup due to the fact that we weren’t even enabled to take a trip at that time. Airports were closed down, so just men that resided in Atlanta and can drive from Orlando. And I did the commentary, and as an outcome Tony Khan liked it. And when Rampage began he stated, ‘I desire you to do commentary on Rampage.’ That’s the reason that, due to the fact that for those 30 matches, by need I did the commentary.”

On his commentary design:” When I began doing it, my good example in commentary is Jesse Ventura and Bobby Heenan. I constantly believed they were the best. And the popular culture thing is practically like, I treat it like an episode of like The Family Guy. You get it if you get it. It’s terrific. We simply move on to the next thing and no one understands the distinction if you do not. When I toss out like a Rush lyric or a Loverboy lyric, or a Metallic recommendation, or a hockey– whatever it is, like this is an excellent example. A couple weeks ago Danhausen was playing a ukulele, and I believe Jeff Jarrett broke it. I stated, ‘George Harrison would not more than happy now.’ , if you get that George Harrison’s preferred instrument was the ukulele– possibly 10 of the fan base got it.. The ones that did were like, ‘That is the biggest recommendation I’ve ever heard in my life in wrestling!’ I like to do that simply to pop myself, and if you get it? You get it.”

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