Chris Jericho Explains Why He Lost To Action Andretti On AEW Dynamite

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In December 2022, Action Andretti made his AEW tv launching on Dynamite: Winter Is Coming, beating Chris Jericho in an upset that drew contrasts to the May 17, 1993 bout in between Razor Ramon and “The Kid.” Following the match, AEW president Tony Khan revealed that Andretti had actually signed a full-time agreement with the business.

Throughout a current look on WTF with Marc Maron, Chris Jericho went over the reasoning behind his loss to Action Andretti on AEW Dynamite and how the program had actually been prepared because October.

You can take a look at some highlights from the interview listed below:

Chris Jericho on the reasoning behind his loss to Action Andretti:“We did something, simply a couple of weeks earlier. I saw this kid back in October. Great looking kid, quite nimble, and I stated, ‘Let’s do an interview with him.’ He was an excellent talker. I stated, ‘Let’s employ him, however keep him in the house, I have a concept.’ Action Andretti. 2 or 3 weeks back, I lost my title, and now I’m going to have a tune-up match versus some jobber and I’m going to get back on track. This kid comes out, we have a match, and I’m treating him like a jobber, a squash match. Tossing him around, he gets no offense, individuals are shouting, ‘Let’s go jobber.’ They’re behind it and chuckling along. Strike him with my finisher. One, 2, he tosses out. Individuals resemble, ‘Oh s ***.’ The buzz begins going. ‘What’s going to occur now?'”

On developing a substantial upset minute:“We’ve never ever seen this man on television, ever. We continue forward and unexpectedly, he gets me once again. He strikes me with this which. Boom, boom, boom, struck me with a relocation. One, 2, 3. He wins. Crowd goes f *** ing insane. He’s running around, slapping hands, individuals are going nuts. It’s one of the best minutes we’ve had in AEW history due to the fact that nobody understood this person, and by the end, we made a brand-new star. It does not harm me to lose, and we made this man. It’s about making stars and making individuals respond. Nobody would’ve thought he was going to win.”

Jericho on the tv graphic revealing his name after Andretti got the win:“It was an error, however it was a delighted mishap.”

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