Chris Jericho doesn’t express concern about aging, Swerve Strickland acknowledges AEW’s stake in his success.

Chris Jericho doesn’t express concern about aging, Swerve Strickland acknowledges AEW’s stake in his success.
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Wrestler Chris Jericho is not constrained by his age at 53 and continues to engage in wrestling passionately.

Sharing his thoughts with the Toronto Sun, where he holds the FTW Champion title, Jericho spoke about how he experiences competing at the age of 53, stating,

“During this tour, I watched The Rolling Stones four times, and I don’t see Mick (Jagger) doing this at 80 as something that he shouldn’t be doing. I view this like it should be embraced at 80. If everyone held the same optimism and mindset as Mick Jagger, I believe it would enhance our lives. At 53 years old, I personally haven’t heard people say you should not be doing this. To me, it’s a question of ‘Why shouldn’t I be able to do it?’ It’s my passion. I have been doing it since I was 43, 33, and 23 and for me, I live for today. The only numbers that routine my life are the digits on my paychecks [laughs].”

Moreover, he added, “In this industry, they say it’s all about money and the distance covered. If I ever feel like I’m incapable or injuring myself, it will be time to reconsider, but as of now, I completely enjoy being part of AEW and cherishing the success the company has received, sharing my knowledge with the younger talents, still delivering outstanding work, and simply having fun which is of utmost importance.”

Among other discussions, Swerve Strickland recently conversed with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso about AEW’s investment in him, his aspirations to be the World Champion in the headline of AEW All In 2024, among other things.

Read the highlights of the interview:

About AEW investing in him: “TV exposure is equivalent to investment. This is what Tony Khan provided me with. From top tier talent to management, Rick Ross, etc, he uplifted me to a level everyone aspires to. When this does not happen, it affects your morale. Even if I request for a minute in a promo, Tony provides me with it. The significance of this is far greater than people may understand.”

On his expectation to headline All In 2024 as World Champion: “Not many African Americans have been given the spotlight on pay-per-views like this. For All Elite Wrestling, this is the biggest platform. This means a lot to me and I hope it resonates with many others as well.”

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