Chris Jericho Addresses Attacking Will Ospreay At RevPro Event

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AEW’s Chris Jericho had a blast attacking Will Ospreay during a recent Revolution Pro Wrestling event before their encounter at AEW All In.

During his “Talk is Jericho” podcast, Jericho said he had the idea to attack Ospreay at RevPro’s 11th Anniversary event for weeks. He added,


“I love doing stuff like this. I love attacking people with a mask on… It’s part of my lineage to attack guys in a mask and it’s perfect; I even have a BUSHI mask. BUSHI is a guy from New Japan that gave me his mask to attack [Tetsuya] Naito with, so I kept that BUSHI mask and still have and sent the picture to Will.” 

Jericho said he was not paid to appear at the event, which was okay with him, as all he wanted was to add something extra to his feud with Ospreay.

Jericho would perform his own entrance with Fozzy at All In but would come up short against Ospreay.

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