Chris Hero Comments On Producer Role At ROH Best In The World, Says ‘I Got So Much More To Do’ In Wrestling

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Chris Hero Comments On Producer Role At ROH Best In The World, Says ‘I Got So Much More To Do’ In Wrestling

chris hero

Photo Credit: WWE

Chris Hero is looking forward to the next chapter of his professional wrestling career, in the ring and behind the scenes.

Chris Hero recently spoke with POST Wrestling‘s Andrew Thompson about the reports that he worked as a producer at ROH’s Best In The World pay-per-view last month. At the time, Ring Of Honor COO Joe Koff commented on Hero’s status, confirming “Chris was there and is always home at Ring Of Honor.” Now, Hero shared details regarding his behind-the-scenes experience and said it was just great to be back at a wrestling show and he’s happy that he got a chance to help others without the pressure of working in the ring himself.

“I have a number of friends that work for Ring of Honor behind the scenes, in front of the camera and it was really cool for me to be able to be even just a small part of that. To see them back in front of fans is awesome. Just to interact with people that I hadn’t seen for a while, to interact with people because as you know, it’s been a crazy year-and-a-half but that was the first wrestling show I had been to since everything shut down, so it was great for me to go to a show,” Hero explained, “to be able to be helpful in certain areas, without the pressure of having to perform myself or having to call a match or having to decide which place I’m gonna take a booking for, whatever, whatever.

“I didn’t have to worry about any of that. I could just help out, I helped agent, produce, whatever. Helped kind of relay information back and forth, got on the headsets, talked to the production team, that kind of stuff and some of that I’m familiar with it, some of it I’m not familiar with,” Hero explained, “so it was also a learning experience for me to try to figure that stuff out and I really enjoyed it.”

Hero went on to praise Ring Of Honor World Champion Bandido in particular, and said Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham and mainstays like The Briscoes and Homicide were just a few of the performers to keep your eyes on. Hero went on to say that the promotion has so many good things going on right now and they’ll break out once they’re back in front of regular crowds as the country starts to open back up.

Despite working at “Best In The World” as a producer, it’s unclear if Hero will remain with the promotion in any capacity moving forward. Hero did go on to tell Thompson that he can’t wait to get back in the ring and is just waiting for the right opportunity, but also hopes that he can use his experience in the business and “work with companies in more than just performing.”

“I’d like to, at least, what I mean by this is I’d at least like to have a seat at the table when it comes to having conversations about, ‘Oh, we’re thinking about doing this or what do you think about this?’ And I like to use my experience to kind of give my opinion. If they take it, cool. If not, cool,” Hero explained, “but I think I can be very helpful for a number of companies so it will be exciting to do that. I know people look at me as the older brother, the uncle or whatever that will come in and kind of pass down a little wisdom but, you know, I’m gonna start knocking people on their ass again. I got so much more to do.

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