Chris Dickinson Explains Why He’s Missing Advertised GCW Appearance This Weekend

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Chris Dickinson Explains Why He’s Missing Advertised GCW Appearance This Weekend

chris dickinson

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Chris Dickinson posted the following statement, explaining why he’s missing a previously-advertised appearance at GCW Slime Season on Saturday. Dickinson explained that a combination of rescheduling his UWN Prime Time Live tapings, along with his original GCW opponent not being able to appear were the cause for the issue, but encourages fans to still support the show.

Hey guys for those that tweeted me directly asking why I’m not @GCWrestling_ tomorrow when I was originally advertised here’s why. I was supposed to film a months worth of tapings for the UWN this week then do GCW. The tapings were postponed to January.

On top of this my original opponent couldn’t make it to the event. Travel wasn’t booked so I opted to stay home. I’ve been extremely fortunate this year to wrestle as much as I have and still find ways to raise my profile amidst the pandemic. GCW is a huge part of this.

I had a very busy November and am fine taking December off. If me sitting out a show gives an opportunity to someone trying to earn a spot or get noticed in seemingly impossible times to do that even better. Now hear me out whether you like it or not.

GCW is an easy target at the top of independent wrestling for people on this app but I can tell you this Brett and GCW have done more to keep independent wrestling alive than anyone. Nothing is perfect in this world especially right now.

But I can assure you in my unbiased observations the last year GCW has done their absolute best to work with the protocols and follow the rules as best as possible to produce live events. This is not a shill or a cheap plug it’s something I’m getting off my chest and it’s honest.

Please support the crew tomorrow. It’s so easy for people to point and say for example JUST DON’T WRESTLE COLLECT UNEMPLOYMENT!!!!! You just don’t get it man. Some of us Happy person raising one hand simply can’t do that. For some of us THIS IS IT. So donate if you can and enjoy the show.

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GCW Slime Season will stream for free on the company’s YouTube page. The event will air Saturday night at 7 p.m. EST. It will feature stars like MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu, Lio Rush, Mance Warner, and Chris Bey.

Dickinson was originally scheduled to face Mike Bennett in the UWN World Championship Tournament finals last month, but a reported injury to Dickinson caused the match to be delayed. Since then, UWN has shut their tapings down for the rest of the year as a precaution due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the United States.

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