Chris Dickinson Discusses His Career, His Love For Wrestling And More

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Chris Dickinson Discusses His Career, His Love For Wrestling And More

In an interview with Andrea Hangst of FanSided, Chris Dickinson looks back on his career as an independent wrestler. Hangst extensively profiles the “Dirty Daddy,” who has worked for EVOLVE, Beyond Wrestling and, more recently, Game Changer Wrestling. Dickinson, a two-time EVOLVE Tag Team Champion, talked about his time with EVOLVE and explained why he left.

Dickinson, per Hangst, says that he was dissatisfied with the company for several reasons. “‘I felt like I’d become like a shell of my former self,'” said Dickinson via Hangst. “I tried to make it work as best as I could with the EVOLVE stuff, but at the same time I felt like I was just settling, I wasn’t being myself.”

After leaving EVOLVE, Dickinson’s work with Game Changer Wrestling has turned his career around and he’s found a new home with the company. “‘[GCW is] a company where I could work for them and preserve who I am as a character, preserve who I am as a brand,'” said Dickinson via Hangst. “‘They really back up everything that I’m doing, it’s just a perfect fit working with them.’”

Dickinson also discussed his work with Beyond Wrestling. Per Hangst, Dickinson said that Beyond Wrestling holds a special place in his heart. “‘Beyond Wrestling is synonymous with building young talent, and creating new breakout stars who go out to become the next big thing on the indies,'” said Dickinson via Hangst.

Dickinson is coming off a main event match at Game Changer Wrestling: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2, where he lost to Josh Barnett.

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