Chris Bey Finds A Bullet Club Shirt In His Locker Room After Slammiversary

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Chris Bey Finds A Bullet Club Shirt In His Locker Room After Slammiversary

chris bey

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Could Chris Bey be “finessed” into Bullet Club? Bey didn’t come out victorious in the Ultimate X match for the X-Division Championship this past Saturday at IMPACT Slammiversary, but he may have stumbled upon a forbidden door cracked open for him.

Post loss, a hostile Bey was headed to his locker room when he was stopped by IMPACT correspondent Gia Miller for an interview. Bey wasn’t having any of it as he just wanted to sit in quiet to reflect on the outcome and proceeds to disregard Miller, but who is sitting in his locker room? Another man who took the “L” in Ultimate X: Rohit Raju. Bey and him bicker back and forth about what went down in the match as both their gameplans backfired. Bey finally tells Rohit to hit the bricks and tosses him a shirt that he believes Raju left behind. The former X-Division champ tosses it back to say it wasn’t his and Bey notes that it happened to be sitting in his very own chair. He unfolds the shirt to discover that the garment is a Bullet Club tee. You can check out the clip below:

EXCLUSIVE: @DashingChrisBey and @HakimZane's plans didn't play out well at #Slammiversary but Bey has found a very intriguing shirt…


This discovery sure presents an intriguing possibility for Bey as a notable Bullet Club boy in Jay White appeared in the IMPACT Zone to close out Slammiversary on Saturday.

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