Chelsea Green Wants To Surprise People With Her Next Moves, Names ROH And AAA As Two Goals

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Chelsea Green Wants To Surprise People With Her Next Moves, Names ROH And AAA As Two Goals

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Chelsea Green remains one of the most buzzworthy free agents in professional wrestling, and she continues to tease her next moves.

Green previously teased her interest in working for Ring of Honor, and she doubled down on that goal during on appearance on the Wrestling Perpective Podcast. The former IMPACT Knockouts Champion explained that she doesn’t want to do what anyone expects; instead, she wants to cross items off her bucket list by wrestling all over the world.

“I think I’ve been thinking the same way since the minute I got released, which is don’t do the obvious do the obvious thing, like surprise people,” said Green. “I think everyone is making the obvious choices right now, and for me, maybe the not so obvious choice is to not sign right away, and to go and do the things I didn’t get to go before I was signed. Which, look, I was a champion at IMPACT, but there’s so much more I can do at IMPACT. I did All In and you guys know that I have those connections [with AEW], but maybe I don’t sign there, and I just do some matches.

“But also there’s Ring of Honor, that I never even got to go to, and that’s one huge place that was on my bucket list, and I really wanted to go and wrestle there before I was signed, and I didn’t get to. I’m one of those people, Iike I make a list in my head of the things I want to do and I just need to do it. And now I’m able to go back and revisit those things.”

Green named ROH, AAA and, generally speaking, Japan, as the places where she wants to work. She pointed to Cody Rhodes’ initial post-WWE free agency tour as a potential map for her own journey.

“Now I feel like I’m in this perfect position, you know, I’m in a position of power where I get to choose what I do and before I sign anywhere, I really want to hit all those places,” said Green. “So I don’t necessarily know that you’re gonna sign me anywhere. I can’t say it won’t happen, but right now, in my heart, I really just want to kind of do what Cody Rhodes did when he first left WWE and try to work the best people at every promotion and see where I fit in.”

“The Hot Mess” also described how she is taking a proactive approach to the 90 days in which she can’t wrestle due to non-compete clause as part of her release. She stated that she’s trying to maintain as much buzz as possible by venturing into other arenas.

“I’m just trying to think of my next moves,” said Green. “And I don’t want 90 days to go by and for all that I’ve done in 90 days is put my feet up and collect a paycheck. I want to hit the ground running on July 14, and so I needed to make that happen now. There’s so many other things behind the scenes that I’m getting going.

“I’m starting to train for a WBFF [World Beauty Fitness & Fashion] competition, I’m trying to make connections in the Barstool Sports world, I’m trying to get on Playboy, all these things that people aren’t seeing that I’m just like, what are they doing? Or maybe they are doing that, we just don’t know. I don’t know but I feel I’ve got the most buzz in these past two weeks than I have in almost two years, which is really sad, but it’s just the way it is.

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