Chelsea Green Revealed As Matt Cardona’s Mystery Partner At Slammiversary

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Chelsea Green Revealed As Matt Cardona’s Mystery Partner At Slammiversary

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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

The Hot Mess is back in IMPACT!

Chelsea Green was revealed as Matt Cardona’s mystery partner in his mixed tag team match against Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood at Slammiversary. Green ultimately picked up the win for her team, pinning Tenille after hitting a Canadian Destroyer and the Unprettier.

Slammiversary marks Chelsea Green’s first appearance in an IMPACT Wrestling ring in more than three years. Known then as “Laurel Van Ness,” she lost the Knockouts Championship to Allie on the March 8, 2018 episode of IMPACT Wrestling.

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THE HOT MESS IS BACK! @ImChelseaGreen is @TheMattCardona's partner! #Slammiversary

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Green is currently a free agent and also appeared on Ring Of Honor’s Best In The World pay-per-view on July 11. On a recent episode of her podcast, Green said she wants to stay a free agent and work for as many companies as she can in the next six months, but fans should stay tuned because she might show up anywhere in the near future.

“I was able to swindle myself a little deal with WWE and get myself on TV a little earlier, which would have, in theory, allowed me to be part of the Ring Of Honor tournament and pay-per-view. Honestly, I just need to stop there and give a huge shout-out to Johnny Ace [John Laurinaitis], who is—well, I don’t know his position at WWE actually because it’s ever-changing, but Johnny Ace is amazing. He’s been so helpful throughout this process of me being released. When I was first released, I went to him and actually asked him right away if I could forego my 90-day pay and get back onto the indies within the next week or two. And he was willing to do that for me, but unfortunately with the complications I had with my arm again—the never-ending complications with this arm—I had to get the plate removed from my arm and we just decided that it was best to not go ahead and break my contract.

“So when I contacted him this time around, which was about a month ago, and asked him if I could forego my last week of WWE pay to appear on the Ring Of Honor pay-per-view, obviously I was thinking there was no way in hell that he’d go for it, like not a fucking chance, but—mind blown—he contacted the lawyers at WWE and had me out of my contract on July 7, as opposed to July 14, by the end of the week you guys. So again, I am so grateful for Johnny Ace to say the least, he is the reason I was able to surprise the fans and show up at the pay-per-view. Him, and every single person at Ring Of Honor that let me do this. Ah! What a life, you guys. What a freakin’ life. Hopefully, I can keep just shocking you guys and popping up in places you least expect me to pop up in. Just keep watching, that’s all I have to say…”

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