Chelsea Green On Being In the Royal Rumble Match, The Hot Mess Character And More

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Chelsea Green On Being In the Royal Rumble Match, The Hot Mess Character And More

Chelsea Green

Photo Credit: WrestleZone

Chelsea Green, with Robert Stone recently appeared on Sam Roberts’ podcast, Notsam Wrestling. She discussed several topics, including. Here are some highlights:

On being in the 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble Match:

Green: “I mean, I’ve been waiting for that moment now for a year and a half. I’ve been at NXT working day in, day out at the PC, you know, waiting for this opportunity, so to finally be given it, honestly, it was about time. I have pushed and kind of shoved my way to the top throughout my entire career and NXT is no different.”

On leaving the Hot Mess character when she got to NXT:

Green: “…The Hot Mess lives on in so many other ways. The Hot Mess is not just the drunk bride that was left at the altar. The Hot Mess is your crazy ex-girlfriend, the Hot Mess is the girl that beats up every other girl in the locker room, the Hot Mess is whatever you make of it. So you are gonna see the Hot Mess again, it’ll just be in a completely different light and I’m excited for that. We just don’t know when she shows up.”

On how she keeps her confidence:

Green: “I was very lucky in my career. I would say, every six months or so, I had a major kind of stepping stonr up in my career. So when I first started wrestling and then six months later, I was on RAW and six months after that, I had a tryout. Six months after that, I was on Tough Enough, right after that, I had an IMPACT tryout. Then, I was on TV, then I main evented, then I won the title. Then, I had Lucha Underground, and right after Lucha Underground was where I hit that point where I was like, I have nowhere else to go but NXT or WWE. So I’m not taking no for an answer because now I’ve done everything they’ve ever told me to do. I’ve changed my look, I’ve changed my character, I have won titles and made a huge name for myself, thy can’t deny me. So even though they were saying no between all of that, I still had moments of like, ‘No, but I know I’m good’ or ‘No, but I know I’m the best that I can be right now.’

The full episode is available below.

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