Chelsea Green Discusses the Importance of Creating Emotions Rather than Focusing on Winning

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On a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, WWE Superstar Chelsea Green discussed returning to WWE one year ago, not being bothered about winning, obtaining her green card, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On obtaining her green card: “I’ve said this to you before, and I say to everyone, like the weight I felt lifted off me when I opened that piece of mail that said I was approved. Nobody except a Canadian in America getting our green card will understand that feeling. Especially because a lot of people during the pandemic when I was released from WWE were like, Oh, you’re good. You’re married. You’re with Matt, whatever. Like, no, that’s not how it works, you don’t just get a green card. You don’t just magically get to work in this country because you are with somebody. So I was still struggling all the way up until I got rehired last year by WWE. I was still on my fourth visa. I was spending five grand at a time for these visas and trying to find someone to sponsor me to get the visa.”

On not being caught up with winning: “Sometimes I think that we’re all so caught up in winning and I’m just not. I’ve been doing this 10 years. It’s not about winning. What’s it about? It’s about making people feel a certain way. And when I became The Hot Mess in Impact that’s when I realized, that’s when the light bulb like friggin’ flashed in my face, like oh wow, people don’t care. People don’t care that I was cool and winning. They don’t care that I won the championship. They care that I turn crazy, they care that I feel like their crazy best friend. I feel like their crazy ex-girlfriend. John Mayer sat in front of me at All In and said, Oh my God, you remind me of a lot of people I dated like that’s the feeling I want you to feel with a character. I don’t need you to go home and be like wow, she’s a real winner.”

On her thoughts on how Samantha Irvin introduces her: “I loved it. I loved it because to me it adds a little something. We see over and over again, men in wrestling, the fans latch on to something whether it’s Seth’s thing, Shinsuke’s thing, Roman’s thing, they have a punch line, a song a moment a movement, like they latch on to that with men. And it’s really hard as women to get men to latch on to that. For a woman it’s hard. It’s kind of a hard thing because I’m going shh, are they going to do that? Are they? I don’t know. Maybe not. But that announcement is what they latched on to. Yeah, I love that. Perfect. That’s what I want. I want people to have something that’s like oh Chelsea Green, that announcement, or whatever. It is just one more thing for them to enjoy.”

Chelsea Green, WWE Superstar, recently appeared on the “Insight” podcast where she discussed various topics including her return to WWE, obtaining her green card, and her thoughts on winning. Green opened up about the challenges she faced in obtaining her green card as a Canadian in America. She expressed the relief she felt when she received the approval notice, highlighting that many people underestimate the difficulties involved in the process.

During the pandemic, when Green was released from WWE, some people assumed that being married to fellow wrestler Matt Cardona would automatically grant her a green card. However, she emphasized that it doesn’t work that way and that she had to go through multiple visas and spend a significant amount of money to secure her legal status in the country.

Green’s perspective on winning in professional wrestling is unique. She shared that after being in the industry for a decade, she has realized that winning is not the most important aspect. Instead, she believes that wrestling is about making people feel a certain way. Green discovered this when she portrayed the character of The Hot Mess in Impact Wrestling. She found that people connected more with her crazy and relatable persona rather than her championship wins. This realization shifted her focus from winning to creating an emotional connection with the audience.

In the podcast, Green also discussed how Samantha Irvin introduces her during her WWE appearances. She expressed her appreciation for Irvin’s introduction, as it adds an extra layer to her character. Green acknowledged that male wrestlers often have catchphrases or signature moments that fans latch onto, but it can be more challenging for women to achieve the same level of recognition. She sees Irvin’s introduction as an opportunity for fans to have something specific to associate with her and enjoy.

Overall, Chelsea Green’s interview on the “Insight” podcast provided insights into her personal and professional journey. From the struggles of obtaining a green card to her evolving perspective on winning in wrestling, Green’s experiences shed light on the challenges and rewards of being a WWE Superstar.