Chelsea Green Discusses Her Belief that Maxxine Dupri and She Are a Perfect Fit for the WWE Divas Era

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On a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, WWE Superstar Chelsea Green discussed returning to WWE one year ago, knowing what she would be doing to eventually return to WWE following her release, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On being released in 2021: “I got the call, and I was like, ‘Okay. Sure. Okay. Bye.’ And I knew that from that moment on, it was going to be — whatever I did, those next steps that I took were just to get back to WWE. I didn’t want to be anywhere else.”

On her conversation with Triple H about returning to the company: “He was really honest with me. Like, ‘Hey. Do you just want to come back and see where it goes? Or do you want to wait? And do you want us to give you a storyline? And do you have any ideas?’ I said, ‘I just want to come back. I don’t care what you do with me.’ Because at that point, I didn’t. I just wanted stability and to be back. And I knew that if they gave me the opportunity that I felt I deserved in the first run, I could prove [it] to them.”

On the Divas Era of WWE: “I belonged in the Divas era, I really did. And I feel Maxxine Dupri also belongs with me. I loved the girliness of it. I like watching catfights. I didn’t get into this to be a UFC fighter. That’s just not me I like a good old b**** slap, things like that. That is my form of entertainment, that’s what I love. So watching them, I love that. Then I’m not also forgetting that there was some women, you go back and you’re like ‘Oh damn. They could really do some crazy moves,’ and we just totally swept it under the rug.”

Chelsea Green, a WWE Superstar, recently discussed her return to the company one year ago and her experience during the Divas Era of WWE. In a podcast interview, Green shared her thoughts on being released in 2021 and her conversation with Triple H about returning to the company.

When Green received the call informing her of her release from WWE, she had a clear goal in mind – to eventually return to the company. She expressed her determination to get back to WWE and stated that she didn’t want to be anywhere else. This mindset fueled her next steps and actions as she worked towards making her comeback.

During her conversation with Triple H about returning to WWE, Green appreciated his honesty. She was given options – to simply come back and see where it goes or to wait for a specific storyline or creative direction. However, Green expressed that she just wanted to come back and didn’t care what they did with her. Stability and being back in WWE were her main priorities. She believed that if given the opportunity she felt she deserved in her first run, she could prove herself to the company.

Reflecting on the Divas Era of WWE, Green expressed a sense of belonging. She stated that she truly belonged in that era and felt that Maxxine Dupri, another WWE personality, also belonged with her. Green enjoyed the girliness of the Divas Era and admitted that she liked watching catfights. She emphasized that she didn’t enter the wrestling industry to be a UFC fighter but rather enjoyed the entertainment aspect of it. Green appreciated the women who showcased their athleticism and skills during that time, acknowledging that their abilities were sometimes overlooked or forgotten.

In addition to the podcast interview, Green also shared a video link where fans can watch her discuss various topics related to her WWE return.

Overall, Chelsea Green’s recent interview provides insight into her mindset after being released from WWE and her desire to return to the company. She also reflects on the Divas Era and her appreciation for the entertainment aspect of professional wrestling.