Chelsea Green Advocates for WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles to be Defended Across all Brands

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Speaking with Rick Uchhino for Bleav in Pro Wrestling, Chelsea Green noted she is ready to defend the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships all over the place, including Raw, NXT, and SmackDown.

Once Sonya Deville went down with a torn ACL, Green hosted “Chelsea’s Got Talent,” a search for her new partner, and Piper Niven stepped up in the position.


“Here’s the thing. Now, we’re gonna get the ball rolling. We had a momentary little pause, and Piper’s back. I think that these titles could travel around to all the brands. We said that from the beginning, but we haven’t seen that. So I think that that’s the next step with these tag team championships. Let’s go to NXT. Who’s the tag team that we want to defend these titles against in NXT. Let’s go to SmackDown. Who’s the team there that we can beat? We’ve seen time and time again us take on Katana and Kayden. Look, they’ve had their time. Let’s move on to the witchy girls, let’s move on to the purple hair little girl and Indi. Let’s move on to the NXT girls. We’ve got a team I’ve got my eyes on there that Twitter has blowing me up about. Let’s do a world tour with these tag team championships. That’s what they deserve. They deserve to go around the world. They deserve to be on pay-per-views. They deserve to be defended,” Green said.

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Chelsea Green, one half of the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, recently expressed her desire to defend the titles across all WWE brands. In an interview with Rick Uchhino for Bleav in Pro Wrestling, Green discussed her plans to take the championships to Raw, NXT, and SmackDown.

After Sonya Deville suffered a torn ACL, Green took it upon herself to find a new partner through a talent search called “Chelsea’s Got Talent.” Piper Niven stepped up and joined Green as her new tag team partner.

Green emphasized her excitement to get the ball rolling with Niven by her side. She believes that the Women’s Tag Team Championships should be able to travel to different brands and face new challengers. While this was the intention from the beginning, it hasn’t been fully realized yet.

Green mentioned her interest in defending the titles against various teams in NXT and SmackDown. She specifically mentioned wanting to face off against Katana and Kayden, as well as the “witchy girls” and the team of the “purple hair little girl” and Indi. Green also hinted at a team in NXT that has caught her attention due to their popularity on Twitter.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships have the potential to go on a world tour, according to Green. She believes they deserve to be defended on pay-per-views and showcased around the world.

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In conclusion, Chelsea Green is eager to defend the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships across all WWE brands. With Piper Niven as her new partner, she envisions a world tour for the titles, facing off against teams from Raw, NXT, and SmackDown. The championships deserve to be showcased on a global scale and defended on major events. Wrestling fans can stay informed by visiting or following their social media platforms.