Chavo Guerrero Shares Positive Views on CM Punk, Helms Commends Rodriguez

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Shane Helms recently took to Twitter to lavish praise on Raquel Rodriguez, saying she had ‘untapped potential.’ You can check out his tweet below:


Chavo Guerrero was a recent guest on the “Cafe de Rene” podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including his time working with CM Punk in ECW. The former WWE Superstar said,

“That story of me beating CM Punk, so Punk was the champ in ECW. He was very cool, and the reason why we started working is because he went to Vince McMahon and goes, ‘Hey.’ First, he came to me and goes, ‘Hey, Chavo, you want to work a program with me?’ I was like, ‘Hell yes.’ He goes, ‘Eddie was a big influence on me, and I just think that we could do really well.’ So we went to Vince. Vince approved it, liked it. Originally, this is, Chris Jericho told me this, he was pretty high up there. He told me, ‘You know you were supposed to just have a small program with CM Punk, and when it was time to take it off Punk, that were going to put it on Shelton Benjamin. But because you work so well together, they put it on you. It was not the original plan.’ So that’s kind of how that happened. Man, I loved working with Punk. All the stuff going on with him now, I’m not there, I don’t see it. But I had no issues whatsoever when we worked together. We worked together probably two-or-three hundred times, or hundreds of times, a long time, for months and months. We never had a problem. Literally not one issue. We’d call most of it in the ring, we’d go in there and just go for it. It was awesome. I had no issues with him. I wish we’d work again, that’s how much I liked it.“

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Chavo Guerrero Discusses Working with CM Punk in ECW

Former WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero recently appeared on the “Cafe de Rene” podcast, where he opened up about his time working with CM Punk in ECW. Guerrero revealed some interesting details about their partnership and expressed his admiration for Punk.

The story began when Punk approached Guerrero and proposed the idea of working together. Punk explained that Eddie Guerrero, Chavo’s late uncle, had been a significant influence on him, and he believed they could create something special in the ring. Excited about the opportunity, Guerrero immediately agreed to the program.

Punk took the initiative and went to Vince McMahon, the chairman of WWE, to pitch the idea. McMahon approved of the collaboration and liked the concept. However, it was not initially intended for Guerrero to defeat Punk for the championship. According to Chris Jericho, who informed Guerrero about the original plan, the intention was for Punk to have a short program with Guerrero before eventually dropping the title to Shelton Benjamin. But due to their chemistry and the success they were having, the decision was made to keep the title on Guerrero.

Guerrero spoke highly of his experience working with Punk, stating that they never had any issues during their time together. They called most of their matches in the ring and had a great rapport. Guerrero expressed his fondness for Punk and even mentioned that he would love to work with him again.

It’s worth noting that Guerrero did not comment on the recent controversies surrounding Punk. He mentioned that he is not aware of what is currently happening with Punk and can only speak about their time working together.

The interview provides insight into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of professional wrestling and sheds light on the collaborative process between wrestlers and management. It also highlights the respect and admiration that wrestlers have for each other, as seen in Punk’s desire to work with Guerrero due to Eddie Guerrero’s influence on him.

For fans of wrestling, this interview offers a glimpse into the creative decisions and backstage relationships that shape the industry. It showcases the importance of chemistry and the impact it can have on a wrestler’s career trajectory.

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