Chavo Guerrero Believes The Iron Claw Will Go To The Oscars, Talks Working On Young Rock

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Chavo Guerrero has been working in Hollywood over the last few years, and he recently discussed working on The Iron Claw and Young Rock on “The Undisputed Podcast.”

Guerrero has served as a wrestling trainer and coordinator on several shows and films including The Iron Claw, Young Rock, and GLOW.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his work on Young Rock: “Not only am I putting the matches together and training the actors, but I’m also going over scripts [and offering advice]. I’m also involved with set design, costumes — anything to do with wrestling on that show. Me and Brian Gewirtz, the former WWE writer, collaborate a lot. When we have a question, we call Dwayne and ask him, ‘What do you want [to] happen here?’ Because, of course, it is his show.”

On advising for certain aspects of The Iron Claw: “At one point, the director, Sean Durkin, who also wrote the movie, wrote a scene where these guys are talking, and he wanted something to happen in the match. However, it didn’t coincide, So, I pulled him aside and go, ‘Hey man, that won’t really happen in a match. What you want [to] happen can’t happen because of the way guys were talking over here.’ He was like, ‘How would they talk?’ I explained it to him. Right there, we rewrote the script. We ended up rewriting the scene, to make it sense for where he wanted to go in the movie. Unless he wanted to go in a different direction, we would have changed it up… Again, their movie, not mine. You have to tread lightly at certain things. But, most of the time, they took my advice.”

On his expectations for the film: “A24 just swept the Oscars, and I think this movie is going to be really good. It’s going to be in that Oscars talk, I think. At least some buzz. It’s so good. The acting is amazing. Of course, the wrestling is very, very good. [laughs] The story, the directing, the camera work — I think it’s going to be really good. Zac Efron was telling me the same, man.”

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