Charlotte Flair Reveals How Long She’ll Be Sidelined After Upcoming Surgery

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Charlotte Flair Confirms How Long She’ll Be Off Of WWE TV

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Charlotte Flair’s status has been speculated on ever since she was written off of television this week and now ‘The Queen’ has set the record straight.

Flair appeared on the Sport Hiatus show and said she’s only going to be gone for a few weeks. It’s worth noting she didn’t say why she would be off of television in the exchange, but added that WWE Network will help keep her in the minds of viewers while she’s out.

“I’ll only be gone for a few weeks. They can still play things on the WWE Network but utilizing my social media will be most important while I’m gone.

With WWE, there are so many things that I’m part of. I’m part of an organization called ‘Girl Up’ where I’m able to stream live from my social media—no one is going to miss me. They’re still going to feel like I’m there is basically what I’m saying. I’m gone but I’m not really gone.”

Flair was attacked by Nia Jax on RAW in order to be written off of television for an undisclosed amount of time. Dave Meltzer noted that it’s not a shoulder injury, but Charlotte was taking some time off for some kind of surgery.

talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy reported there was a “0 percent chance Charlotte returns for SummerSlam” and it’s possible we might not see her until January 2021, but PWInsider later reported Flair is taking an expected six weeks off from WWE TV to have a planned elective surgery.

WWE putting out the following storyline statement about her being evaluated for a “potential collarbone fracture” due to the attack.

Charlotte Flair is being evaluated for an injury following the ruthless attack by Nia Jax on Raw, has learned.

Flair had already suffered an injury in a brawl with Jax prior to her Raw Women’s Title Match with Asuka. After coming up short against The Empress of Tomorrow, The Queen was ruthlessly attacked in the backstage area by Jax, who slammed a road case into Flair’s arm. While the specifics of The Queen’s injury have not been fully determined, it is believed she may have suffered a potential collarbone fracture.

Stick with WWE’s digital and social platforms for more information on Charlotte Flair’s status as it becomes available.

Check out the full show below:

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