Charlotte Flair Responds To Critics Who Call Her Overexposed, The Most Common Misconception About Her

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Charlotte Flair Responds To Critics Who Call Her Overexposed, The Most Common Misconception About Her

Photo by Aalok Soni/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Charlotte Flair understands the negative reaction she gets from fans but she says people need to understand that she’s just part of the story, not the whole thing.

Charlotte recently appeared on Better Together with Maria Menounos where she discussed several topics, including the criticism that she’s overexposed and shoved down the WWE Universe’s throats. She says she’s part of the build and everything is not centered around her like people want to believe.

“The issue is, a lot of what has helped me in my career is, I’m consistent. Maybe I’ll never be as high, or as low, but I’m able to stay in the game always. I never give people a chance or an opportunity to miss me, so either the audience takes me for granted or they don’t. I think that adds to the ‘she’s a Flair, she’s shoved down our throat.’ It’s so hard for people to see past ‘Charlotte’s always in the picture,’ but this isn’t HER storyline. She’s a tool in the story they’re trying to build.”

Flair added that the biggest misconception about her is that she’s constantly thrown in people’s faces, but says it’s not actually the case.

“My last name. And I’m always in the title picture. But if you look at my last 6 title reigns, it was just, they weren’t for me! So that’s the misconception, because I’m always in people’s face.”

Charlotte also spoke about starting to wrestle later in her life, noting that she wishes she would have figured out things sooner.

“Man, why did I figure out life so late. I’m in a locker full of 20-year-olds. By no means am I comparing careers, like they have a long way to go at the company. But I’m just like, man I wish at 24…I just had no idea what was going on! I wasn’t put together!”

On a lighter note, Charlotte talked about which Marvel character she wants to play, and she said if got a “heel” role she’d love to play Thor’s sister, Hela, and have a whole film centered around her background.

The full video is available below, and the audio is available on Apple Podcasts.

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