Charlotte Flair: NXT TakeOver Events Have ‘A Special Feel’

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Charlotte Flair: NXT TakeOver Events Have ‘A Special Feel’

Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Charlotte Flair’s return to NXT championship gold may have been a rapid departure from what fans expect from the black and gold brand, but Flair herself has been excited to return to her roots. Speaking with TV Guide, the Queen relishes in the opportunity to involve herself in the rise of the next generation of Women’s talent. “Now, you go to NXT [and] you’re on USA Network. You are being shown all over the world versus just being on the [WWE] Network. And say you’re on NXT and then you get drafted to Raw or SmackDown—the transition is much easier when it comes to the pressure of performing on live television.”

NXT’s shift to cable means that the TV show is now just as much in the conversation as NXT TakeOver events, which have often been seen as some of WWE’s best shows of the year since their inception. Flair is competing in her first in five years, and she can’t wait. “Triple H did such an amazing job with Takeover. There’s just a special feel. There is such energy around [this event].”

Of course, just because NXT has stepped up its game, it doesn’t mean the Queen fears to lose her championship. “That’s always a concern in a triple threat but I think for me, it’s, ‘Hey, I can defeat everyone on Raw, I can defeat everyone on Smackdown, and I can do it on NXT, too. Rhea’s the next big thing, right? Io Shirai, the next best thing? I can hold my own against both of them.”

NXT TakeOver: In Your House is streaming on WWE Network on Sunday June 7 at 7 PM EST.

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