Charlotte Flair Explains Why Her Consistency In WWE Has Been A Positive And A Detriment

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Charlotte Flair Explains Why Her Consistency In WWE Has Been A Positive And A Detriment


Photo Credit: WWE Network

Charlotte Flair is back, and she’s feeling better than ever.

“The Queen” recently spoke with Anthony Sulla-Heffinger of Yahoo Sports, and she reflected on her return to the company. Flair had been absent for the latter half of 2020, as she stepped away from WWE in June. Flair explained how she needed to take a break because it helped her see the truth in the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

“‘It really just made me miss how much I love doing this,'” said Flair. “‘Now I can’t imagine my life without being an entertainer. I also got a mental break. I was able to leave the robe, the boots and the gear at work and go home and try to be a human, not always feeling like you’re on.'”

Flair also addressed the negativity she often receives on social media. Many fans often criticize “The Queen” and her seemingly constant success in WWE. “The Queen” pointed out that her absence from the company was beneficial because it gave the audience, and her character, a break.

“‘I think my consistency the past six years, as much as it’s a positive, it’s a detriment too because fans never got to miss me,'” said Flair. “‘I never went away.’”

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Some fans have still directed plenty of criticism toward Flair, as they were upset that she won a title as soon as she returned. Flair made a statement about this continuing criticism.

“‘To say that I disappear, the reason that got me so fired up, was complete and utter BS,'” said Flair. “‘You don’t have to like me, I don’t have to be your favorite, you don’t have to even think I’m good, but to question my work ethic and what I have given to this business is not fair.’”

A common rhetoric about Flair is that she only gets so many opportunities because she’s ‘Ric Flair’s daughter.’ She continues to defy this stance, and she shared her mindset on this belief.

“‘I got to a point where I wondered if I should apologize to people,'” said Flair. “‘If someone else was getting these opportunities would they feel sorry for me? [Critics] don’t know the time I’ve put into what I’m doing. Damn right I’m going to take every opportunity. Who in their right mind wouldn’t take these opportunities just so they can make these people feel better? I have to tell myself that sometimes.'”

Every time she’s in the ring, Flair builds her own legacy as an individual, and she continues to gather impressive accolades during her already legendary WWE career.

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