Championship Changes Hands At SmackDown Taping *Spoiler*

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Championship Changes Hands At SmackDown Taping *Spoiler*

Friday Night Smackdown Results

The upcoming Christmas episode of Friday Night SmackDown was pre-taped on Wednesday, as the WWE superstars will be heading home to spend the holidays with their family and loved ones. During the taping, a huge match between Big E and Sami Zayn occurred, with Big E taking down Zayn to become the newest WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Confirmed as a Lumberjack Match ahead of the contest, the SmackDown ring was surrounded by superstars who were dead set on not allowing Sami Zayn to escape the ring or head underneath it. Throughout the match, both superstars had their issues with the lumberjacks, but it was Zayn who got the worst of it. Late in the match, Zayn once again attempted to escape the ring, but was literally chased down by Apollo Crews, who tackled him to the ground. After forcing him back into the ring, Big E landed the Big Ending to win the match and trigger a huge celebration for the superstar.

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