Cesaro Says There’s A Certain Magic In His WWE Contract Status Not Being Public

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Cesaro Says There’s A Certain Magic In His WWE Contract Status Not Being Public


Photo Credit: WWE

Cesaro seems like he enjoys being an international man of mystery.

The Swiss Superman recently spoke with Ryan Satin for FOX Sports and was asked about his contract status with WWE. According to a recent report from F4WOnline’s Dave Meltzer, Cesaro agreed to a new multi-year contract that was either “signed or verbally agreed to” a few weeks ago. Cesaro said he could confirm or deny that report, but feels like there’s some magic in keeping certain things under wraps.

“Well … I could. I certainly could confirm or deny that,” Cesaro said. “What I love about this whole thing is there’s always some mystery to everything, right? And I feel like that air of mystery needs to stay with a lot of things because that’s what makes it magic, and that’s what makes it special. So, you know, who knows?”

One thing that Cesaro isn’t sure of is when his “Love Wrestling” shirts will be available on WWEShop. The shirts were a product of his heartfelt Talking Smack promo, but he says despite the uncertainty of marketing the apparel, he hopes the message he’s sending is clear.

“I don’t know, Because I made those myself based off the promo because it got such a big response. I spoke from the heart, it spoke to a lot of fans, and I had one of my friends who helps me with all the designs. I was like, “This is the crazy stuff that goes on in my brain,” and I drew a little thing, and he made it look awesome. I was like, ‘Okay, cool.’ I put it on a shirt, I put it out there and I got a lot of responses. So, hopefully, we’ll get it in the shop soon,” Cesaro said. “But, yeah, I’m very happy and I want to be that kind of constant in people’s lives where they’re like, “Okay, I just want to switch my brain off, watch wrestling, and have a good time.” And they know, “Okay, there’s Cesaro. I know we’re going to get an awesome match.”

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