Cesaro On Possibly Heading To NXT: ‘I Want To Succeed On Raw And SmackDown’

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Cesaro On Possibly Heading To NXT: ‘I Want To Succeed On Raw And SmackDown’


(Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)

In a clip from Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, the savior of misbehavior asks his guest Cesaro about following in Finn Balor’s footsteps and returning to NXT. While many fans would love to see the Swiss Superman in a more atheletically-focused product, it seems that it’s not in the cards.

To me, I want to succeed on Raw and SmackDown. Will I succeed on NXT? Yes. I just want to be successful and do what I do best. You said about me being the best bell to bell. I think I’m pretty good at everything, a pretty good all-rounder. I know people hate the way I talk or whatever, but you only get better with practice. At the end of the day, even if you watch NXT, those days where someone has a 15-20 minute monologue are hopefully gone. There need to be conflicts big enough that you don’t just talk about it for fifteen minutes, you actually go do something or somebody else is coming to do something about it. That’s what’s interesting to me.

When Corey Graves mentions that some people do enjoy WWE’s frequent opening monologues, Cesaro fires back with a spirited rebuttal:

If they do, I encourage them to go watch stand-up comedy or something. I feel like it needs to drive the action and drive the product. Some people can do that and some people can’t.

Cesaro states that he’s being purposefully neutral during the whole exchange, so perhaps a return to the black and gold is still in the cards after all. Either one will do.

You can see the full clip from the podcast on WWE’s YouTube channel:

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