Cesaro Never Left WWE Because He Wants To Entertain, Names Dream Matches

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Cesaro Never Left WWE Because He Wants To Entertain, Names Dream Matches


Credit: WWE

While many fans believe Cesaro has been underutilized by WWE, the “Swiss Superman” has a good reason for never leaving. He wants to entertain as many people as possible and knows that WWE offers him the greatest reach while allowing him to travel the world.

“I’m extremely stubborn,” Cesaro said to the New York Post when asked if he has ever thought about leaving WWE. “It’s a good and a bad thing obviously, but I really enjoy entertaining people and I really enjoy traveling all over the world and that’s what kept me going. I still believe in hard work paying off and that’s what I wanted to do. Of course, you start to think, OK what are other options or other possibilities. How can improve my standing maybe through some outside ventures or whatever? But in the end, I just figured OK when the right moment comes I’ll be ready and I’ll knock it out of the park.”

As for what’s next for Cesaro, he’s open to a feud with the returning Seth Rollins in the future.

“Seth Rollins was someone I wrestled a lot in tag matches with him and Dean Ambrose against me and Sheamus, but I don’t think we’ve had the big singles match. I’ve wrestled him on SmackDown and stuff, but that was five, six years ago. I think that’s an interesting possibility right there.”

He also wants to have some dream matches before his career is over.

“There are still guys I haven’t wrestled. Think me and AJ [Styles] never really had a long singles match. Keith Lee, Matt Riddle just came up on RAW. There are so many guys even in NXT I haven’t had long singles matches or a singles program with. Even on SmackDown with the dynamics changing you know like Jey Uso, Roman Reigns or someone like Sami Zayn even Shinsuke I haven’t had a singles match with.”

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