Cedric Alexander: The Hurt Business Isn’t About Race, It’s About Representation

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Cedric Alexander: The Hurt Business Isn’t About Race, It’s About Representation

Cedric Alexander

Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

Cedric Alexander is the newest hire of The Hurt Business, a group led by MVP and CEO Bobby Lashley that has risen to the top of Monday Night Raw in recent weeks. While some fans may be surprised that Alexander turned his back on his friends and joined the conglomerate, Cedric told TV Insider why the move made sense and how it’s really a group with years of built-in history.

I’ve known Shelton for about 10 years since I started wrestling. I’ve known Bobby for about three or four. I’ve known MVP the same amount of time. They’ve given me advice on the side, so I’ve had these interactions before. When the group fully formed, it felt natural to me.

Alexander also spoke about comparisons that the group has gotten to The Nation of Domination, a prominent group of mostly African Amerian men that was a part of then-WWF in the 1990s. While the older group was explicitly about black power, The Hurt Business is about something more universal.

I feel like the group is a positive spin on strong, Black men. At the same time, we don’t want to spread the idea that race is the driving force. It just so happens we are four strong, Black men who believe in themselves. That’s a great thing to have on TV right now, especially when racial injustice is still prevalent and things are looked at so negatively. When you have four men with a positive goal in mind to succeed and be the best they can be, why not go for it?

The full interview also touches on Alexander’s battles with Retribution leader Mustafa Ali, whether The Hurt Business is still hiring, and his renewed motivation that comes from the group’s success.

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On a related note, Ring Of Honor’s Kenny King recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about how we’re starting to see less stereotypical acts in the professional wrestling business. Pointing to WWE’s The Hurt Business as a notable example, King agreed out that the “new Nation of Domination” tag was used by fans because they were groups of black wrestlers, but he feels that’s where the comparison stops and things will improve as long as everyone gets the same opportunities.

“It isn’t ‘four black dudes being black dudes and militant’—no! It’s four businessmen and it’s their business to beat your ass! We dress well, we’ve got fine taste and we’re educated and classy, but when it comes to the 9-to-5, our job is to beat your ass. That’s as relatable of a stable in pro wrestling that’s ever been created. As long as that continues—and all that really has to continue is the depth,” King said. “Triple H can be the ‘Cerebral Assasin’ and ‘The Game’ and all of these things, and as long as Bobby Lashley can be the same, then we won’t just have to continue to pair Bobby with who is like him or who is black. As long as we continue to have depth and different levels, then I think we’re on the right path.”

Check out his full comments in our full interview at the link below:

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