Cathy Kelley Playfully Teases Grayson Waller’s First Experience Making Someone Wet

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Grayson Waller continues to mock Kevin Owens on social media.

On Tuesday, Waller took to Twitter to post a new profile photo of himself pouring water on Kevin Owens from this past Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown.


WWE backstage interviewer Cathy Kelley fired back at Waller, retweeting his post and captioning it with,

“the first time @GraysonWWE’s gotten anybody wet”

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Grayson Waller, a professional wrestler, has been engaging in a social media feud with fellow wrestler Kevin Owens. Waller recently took to Twitter to post a profile photo of himself pouring water on Owens during a WWE SmackDown episode. This act was meant to mock Owens and provoke a reaction from him.

However, WWE backstage interviewer Cathy Kelley fired back at Waller by retweeting his post and adding a witty caption. She wrote, “the first time @GraysonWWE’s gotten anybody wet.” This response from Kelley shows her sense of humor and her willingness to engage in the banter between wrestlers.

This social media feud between Waller and Owens is not uncommon in the world of professional wrestling. Wrestlers often use platforms like Twitter to build storylines and generate interest in their matches. It adds an extra layer of entertainment for fans who follow their favorite wrestlers on social media.

In recent years, social media has become an integral part of the wrestling industry. Wrestlers use platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to connect with fans, promote upcoming events, and share behind-the-scenes moments. It allows them to interact with their audience on a more personal level and create a buzz around their matches.

For fans, following wrestlers on social media provides a unique insight into their lives outside the ring. They can see their favorite wrestlers’ personalities shine through in their posts and get a glimpse of their training routines, travel experiences, and interactions with other wrestlers.

Platforms like also play a crucial role in keeping fans updated on the latest wrestling news. Websites like these provide comprehensive coverage of wrestling events, backstage rumors, and interviews with wrestlers. They serve as a one-stop destination for fans who want to stay informed about their favorite sport.

In conclusion, the ongoing social media feud between Grayson Waller and Kevin Owens is just one example of how wrestlers use platforms like Twitter to engage with each other and entertain their fans. Social media has become an essential tool for wrestlers to promote themselves, build storylines, and connect with their audience. Fans can stay up to date with all the wrestling news through websites like or by following their favorite wrestlers on social media.