Cassidy Riley Talks Wrestling COVID-19 As A Nurse

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Cassidy Riley Talks Wrestling COVID-19 As A Nurse

Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images

Former TNA superstar Cassidy Riley spoke with his local NBC affiliate about what it is like to be a nurse during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ll have days where it seems to slow down a little bit, ” says Riley. “And, I kind of think we’re getting a handle on this and then we’ll have a resurgence. It’s very hard for the patients and the families, both not being able to be there, especially during such a vulnerable time when these people are so sick.”

Cassidy would go on to reflect on the support people would show in the parking lot of the hospital he works for. “Everybody came together in the parking lot, and had their flashers on, ” Riley remembers. “And, [they] were praying for us. To walk out, to walk out and see that sight, it was just very emotional.”

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