Carmelo Hayes Reflects on Unforgettable NXT Moment with The Undertaker

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During a recent appearance on the “Insight with Chris Van Vliet” podcast, Carmelo Hayes opined on his experience on the October 10th episode of WWE NXT.

During that show, Hayes was involved in a segment where he walked to the back with The Undertaker raising his hand. This is something Hayes says he’ll never forget. He said,


“It was like a dream. It was like a fever dream. And like, it’s funny, a lot of people kept, you know, hitting me up the day after and you know, that night. It was like, I almost couldn’t believe that it happened. But there was that moment where you’re like, Look, I’m a pro and I’m gonna be in this moment and I understand the assignment, I remember there was a moment where I was a little kid and I’m like, shoot, this is freaking cool, man. This is really cool. The whole thing with Taker at the end, you know, I didn’t know that was gonna happen. I just didn’t know what to do. I just kind of was like, let me just walk back with him. And he walked me through the whole thing with the pose and everything. I was just sitting there like a kid. And I remember walking back through I was like, that was so freakin cool. He just patted me on the back. But it was a great moment. Just a cool experience. And something I will never forget.”

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Carmelo Hayes Reflects on Memorable Experience with The Undertaker on WWE NXT

During a recent appearance on the “Insight with Chris Van Vliet” podcast, Carmelo Hayes shared his thoughts on his experience during the October 10th episode of WWE NXT. In that particular show, Hayes had the opportunity to walk to the back with the legendary wrestler, The Undertaker, raising his hand. This was an unforgettable moment for Hayes, and he expressed his gratitude for the experience.

Hayes described the encounter as a dream-like experience, almost like a fever dream. He mentioned how many people reached out to him after the show, and he couldn’t believe that it had actually happened. However, he acknowledged the importance of staying focused and being professional in the moment. Hayes understood the significance of the assignment and embraced the opportunity.

As a child, Hayes admitted that he was in awe of the entire situation. Walking back with The Undertaker was a surreal experience for him, and he didn’t know what to do initially. However, The Undertaker guided him through the process, including the iconic pose, and Hayes couldn’t help but feel like a kid again. The Undertaker’s pat on the back after the segment left a lasting impression on Hayes.

Reflecting on the overall experience, Hayes described it as “freakin cool” and something he will never forget. It was not only a great moment for him personally but also a cool experience to be a part of. The interaction with The Undertaker showcased the respect and admiration Hayes has for the wrestling industry and its legends.

The video attached to the article provides further insight into Carmelo Hayes’ journey in WWE and his aspirations for the future. He discusses being the NXT Champion, receiving advice from John Cena, and how this moment with The Undertaker has impacted him.

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In conclusion, Carmelo Hayes’ experience with The Undertaker on WWE NXT was a significant moment in his career. It highlighted his professionalism, admiration for the industry, and the impact of legendary wrestlers like The Undertaker. This memorable encounter will undoubtedly continue to inspire Hayes as he progresses in his wrestling journey.