Carmelo Hayes & Bron Breakker Labeled as the Future of WWE by Big E

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Former WWE Champion Big E sees big things in the futures of Carmelo Hayes & Bron Breakker, especially when they come to the main roster.

Hayes & Breakker are already former WWE NXT Champions, a title Big E has also held, and are two of the top stars on the gold brand’s roster.


On “Busted Open Radio” Big E was asked if he considered Hayes the future of WWE and threw Breakker’s name in the mix. He said,

“I really do [think Carmelo Hayes is the future]. Man, he’s young, super athletic — Bron Breakker as well. Bron’s another dude who I just think is immensely [talented], and a humble dude with his lineage, how he’s played in the NFL a bit, and all the things he’s done. We did the Oklahoma spring game because he’s helping out with recruiting.

“We were both there together and talking to him, and I feel like he has the right mindset for wanting to get better and wanting to learn from others too. So when you’re around guys like that who are young and hungry and want to learn and aren’t arrogant, it’s really cool to see.”

Hayes dethroned Breakker as NXT Champion earlier this year before losing the gold to current champion Ilja Dragunov at NXT No Mercy in September.

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Former WWE Champion Big E has expressed his belief that Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker have bright futures ahead of them, especially when they make their way to the main roster. Both Hayes and Breakker have already achieved the status of former WWE NXT Champions, a title that Big E himself has held in the past. They are currently two of the top stars on the NXT roster.
During an appearance on “Busted Open Radio,” Big E was asked if he considered Hayes to be the future of WWE, and he also mentioned Breakker’s name. Big E spoke highly of both wrestlers, praising their athleticism and potential. He described Hayes as young and super athletic, while also highlighting Breakker’s immense talent and humble attitude. Big E also mentioned that he had the opportunity to spend time with Breakker during the Oklahoma spring game, where they had conversations about wrestling and the importance of learning from others.
Hayes defeated Breakker earlier this year to become the NXT Champion, but he eventually lost the title to the current champion, Ilja Dragunov, at NXT No Mercy in September.
Big E’s endorsement of Hayes and Breakker speaks volumes about their potential in the wrestling industry. Being recognized and praised by a former WWE Champion like Big E is a significant accomplishment for these rising stars. It highlights their talent, work ethic, and dedication to improving their craft.
As fans eagerly await the arrival of Hayes and Breakker on the main roster, it is clear that they have already made a strong impression on one of WWE’s top superstars. With their youth, athleticism, and willingness to learn, both wrestlers have the ingredients for a successful career in professional wrestling.
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