Carmella On Reginald Storyline: I Wanted A Bodyguard But Got A Sommelier Instead

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Carmella On Reginald Storyline: I Wanted A Bodyguard But Got A Sommelier Instead

Credit: WWE

You don’t always get what you ask for in WWE.

Former SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella recently appeared on the ‘Out Of Character With Ryan Satin’ podcast and described how she originally asked the company for a bodyguard during her return to WWE TV. Instead, she wound up with Reginald as her sommelier.

First, Carmella recapped she worked on repackaging herself with some vignettes and a new entrance.

“I just knew that I wanted to come back and make a statement, and luckily that’s what I did,” said Carmella. “I had the idea for a new entrance, and I loved my old entrance song, so at first it felt weird not coming out being super excited and do the moonwalk, but I didn’t wanna do something totally different. And that’s how I came up with the idea for the entrance. I kind of ripped off an old Madonna video from a concert, and that’s kind of what we did, and I’m just loving it.”

Carmella enjoyed a lot of success before she introdued this new character, so it was difficult to leave this persona behind. But the newly self-proclaimed “Most Beautiful Woman in WWE” noted how performers, and the characters they play, have to “grow up” sometimes.

“Change is always hard, I think, and I was doing the same character for 6-7 years,” said Carmella. “But it’s still part of me, and it’s part of Carmella but you have to grow up a little bit.”

Finally, “The Untouchable One” explained how her vision of having a bodyguard for this new gimmick didn’t pan out, as Reginald the sommelier became her right-hand man.

“It’s just so funny because I wanted to have a bodyguard because I was thinking like Victoria Gotti vibes and to have a bodyguard with me,” said Carmella. “And they said ‘We’ll get there, we’ll get there,’ and then one day I show up, and I have a sommelier. And I’m like, what’s happening? I didn’t ask for a sommelier, but lets’ do it. And that was obviously Reginald, and we thought it was a one-time thing. But he ended up sticking around for a little bit and now he’s on RAW.”

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Recently, Carmella’s character has leaned heavily on her desire to be recognized as “The Most Beautiful Woman in WWE,” and her sommelier days are seemingly over.

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