Carmella Discusses Possible WWE Comeback, Presents Newborn Son

Carmella Discusses Possible WWE Comeback, Presents Newborn Son
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WWE couple, Carmella and Corey Graves, opened up about their fertility struggles and life as parents during their recent appearance on the “The Tamron Hall Show.” They also introduced their newborn son.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

Concerning her son’s birth, Carmella revealed, “I was so open with my struggles with fertility, with the miscarriages and then I was an open book during my pregnancy. It took me almost 60 hours until he was born. I just felt like it’s important to be transparent.”

Corey Graves joked about being sent out of the delivery room: “She kicked me out of the room because she couldn’t tolerate me anymore! She powered through on her own for a bit. But I was there for about 95% of the journey.”

Carmella expressed her joy about being a mother, “Until you’re a mom, you don’t know. This is where I’ve always meant to be in and I just love being a mom. It’s my favorite, favorite thing in the whole wide world.”

They haven’t settled on a name for their son yet, Carmella mentioned, “All he does is eat and sleep and poop so I don’t know, whatever has to do with that.”

Graves also quipped about his son’s sense of self, “He now understands that his gender reveal was done on national television so he was born with a giant ego.”

Their son, Dimitri Paul Polinsky, was welcomed to the world in November last year.

During the “Insight” podcast, Carmella addressed her wrestling career, motherhood, the potential timing of her WWE return, among other things.

She shared her aspirations to return to WWE, though she currently has an injury that restricts her from doing so, “I have a lot of nerve damage from delivery. So I have two herniated discs in my back. So, I haven’t been able to work out. I haven’t been able to do anything that will get me back to the ring quite yet.”

She also talks about her disappointment over not getting called up to the main roster with Enzo and Cass in 2016.

On her time spent with R-Truth, “It was just full-on fun. We adlib things that weren’t in the script and it was just fun to play off each other. I just think you just never knew what to expect and people were looking forward to seeing what we were going to do.”