Carmella Discloses Her Struggle with the Medical Issue Known as ‘Drop Foot’

Carmella Discloses Her Struggle with the Medical Issue Known as ‘Drop Foot’
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WWE superstar Carmella, a former SmackDown Women’s Champion, has announced a health challenge that is currently keeping her from the ring. Known for her dynamic performances in wrestling, Carmella is currently navigating Drop Foot.

In a recent episode of the famous “Nikki & Brie Show” podcast, the WWE diva shared about her current health issue, stating,

“My experience – which is something that most people don’t talk about – is what doctors call Drop Foot. The situation is a result from labor and delivery, specifically when pushing out the baby. I have herniated discs in my back that press against a nerve linked to my right foot, making it hard for me to lift the top of that foot. It’s made me practically limp everywhere. There has been an improvement, but…”

Despite the health roadblock, the resilient wrestler remains committed to her passion for the sport and continues to focus on preparing herself for her return to the ring. Missing the adrenaline rush and joy of performing for her fans, she added,

“I long for our fans, and the unique energy of performing in front of them. I’ve been in love with this game for 11 years. But above all, I want to push myself, affirm to myself that despite the extreme experience of labor, delivery, and pregnancy changing my body entirely from within, I can still make a grand comeback. I hope to prove this not for others, but for myself.”

Last seen in the ring in March 2023, Carmella is coupled with Corey Graves, who is also her colleague, and the two welcomed their baby boy last November.