Carlito: WWE’s Culture Is Healthier Now, People Are Genuinely Happy

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Carlito: WWE’s Culture Is Healthier Now, People Are Genuinely Happy


Image Credit: WWE

It’s safe to say that WWE has changed a lot since Carlito left the company in 2010.

During an appearance on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves, Carlito described the biggest differences he’s noticed. He highlighted the culture and the morale backstage as two of the main changes.

“The biggest thing is just the culture in the back,” said Carlito. “It’s a lot tamer, I think a lot healthier in the back, and it seems like the guys are genuinely happy in the back, so that was a good thing to see. The morale seems to be up.”

Carlito also highlighted the company’s wellness policy as another major change that has helped WWE.

“I feel like the guys are smarter now, you know, it seems like they’re being taken care of now, like the wellness policy is another good idea just because we were crazier back in those days. I think it’s a good thing to have that under control, you know what I mean, make sure everyone’s on the up and up and everyone’s taking care of themselves.”

Since his return at WWE Royal Rumble, many fans have wondered what the future holds for the former WWE Intercontinental Champion. He admitted that his path forward is up in the air.

“We’ll see what the future holds,” said Carlito. “I don’t know, if the conditions are right, I’d love to be back. That was always my whole goal, was to go away, take a breather and come back. I feel like I already kinda did what I wanted to do, and like I said, just end things on a better note.”

Many fans would agree that Carlito’s return has allowed him to potentially end his WWE run on a better note, as he came back at the Royal Rumble and he also won a match on WWE RAW the next night.

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