Candice Michelle Wants Hulk Hogan To Induct Her Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

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Candice Michelle Wants Hulk Hogan To Induct Her Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

Candice Michelle isn’t in the WWE Hall Of Fame yet, but she knows who she would ask to induct her if she was ever picked for that honor.

Candice recently spoke with the Dropkick Podcast and was asked about being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Candice enjoyed a five-year run with WWE that included a Women’s Championship win, and although she hasn’t been inducted into the Hall Of Fame yet, she knows who she’d ask to induct her if she gets the chance.

“I would want to be inducted by Hulk Hogan because the truth is that’s where it started for me. In my book, he’s arguably one of the most famous Superstars of all time, but that’s where my love for it began. I didn’t know that back then, you know? I didn’t know when I was a kid, but every time I see him and you know, his famous moves, it’s like when the music hits, there’s something about it. Your insides just light up and you couldn’t wait to see what’s going to happen, and so if I had that opportunity and if he was willing, I would 100% pick him.”

Candice was also asked about her favorite people to work with, and she named Victoria and Torrie Wilson. She said they were best friends on and off-screen, and they’re still close to this day.

“Beth Phoenix was my favorite matches. Both Torrie Wilson and Victoria are my dearest friends, and my dearest friends to this day. Working with them—Vince’s devils, the playboy—we hated doing those matches, but at the same time, it was our era. It’s just what we did and what we were known for, but then having that opportunity to work for House Of Hardcore for my retirement match with Victoria… she’s an incredible wrestler. I feel like she’s been very underrated and I’m really happy she came back for that appearance on WWE. From day one she will support you and help you, she’s just a ‘ride or die.’ And just having Torrie there, they are my besties.”

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