Calvin Tankman On Why He Chose MLW As Home & How Court Bauer’s Business Balance Is A Motivator

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Calvin Tankman On Why He Chose MLW As Home & How Court Bauer’s Business Balance Is A Motivator

Calvin Tankman

Credit: MLW

Calvin Tankman is a one-of-a-kind talent and he didn’t earn the nickname “Heavyweight Hustle” for nothing. One of MLW’s newest stars is always working and he spoke to why he enjoys the business grind of Major League Wrestling to Joseph Galizia of Wrestling Headlines in a recent interview.

“Basically they were the people that said, ‘We are behind you 100%. We believe in you. We see you and we have this vision in our head of what you’re capable of. We’ll give you the opportunity if you can seize it and show us that you’re worth that.’ Getting that vote of confidence in someone saying hey I believe in you really made me want to go out there and prove that I can do it on the next level. There’s a lot more guys from the indies going to bigger places now, but at time’s it’s not always as easy as that. There’s only so many spots that can be filled in so many places, so when you get an opportunity you got to seize that opportunity and kill it. So when Court came to me and said, ‘Listen…I have this spot…I want you to have it, I want you to prove to me what you can do on this level,’ that’s all I needed.

What you see from an on-air product is what exemplifies the work ethic of MLW CEO Court Bauer and Tankman touches upon Bauer’s ability to balance the dynamic of friendship and being on his business game. Calvin cites what a huge motivator the latter can be.

“He’s that perfect in-between. He’s not too much of your best friend. He’s good to you, he treats you well, but at the same time there’s business that needs to be taking care of because we got a vision to where we are taking this. I haven’t had as much time with him as Holliday or some of the other guys on the roster, but in my time…he’s always there to help. But there is business that needs to be done so we got to take it seriously. I respect that…makes you want to work hard. ”

(Transcription credit should go to Joseph Galizia of Wrestling Headlines)

Tankman is set to be in-action this coming Wednesday on MLW Fusion and you can check out his full conversation with Galiza below:

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