Bushiroad President and STARDOM Executive Share their Reactions to Mariah May Joining AEW

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Former STARDOM talent Mariah May appeared on last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite and has officially signed with Tony Khan’s company. May left STARDOM earlier this year.

STARDOM Executive Producer Rossy Ogawa reacted to May’s AEW signing on Twitter, writing, Mariah May will compete in AEW. I think that she was noticed because she appeared on STARDOM… although the world through STARDOM seems very complicated. Well, it turns out that what we saw was correct. I want her to do her best.


President of STARDOM parent company Bushiroad, Takaaki Kidani, tweeted,

“If you look at it positively, it makes it easier to attract promising future talent. Excellent.

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Former STARDOM talent Mariah May has made her debut on AEW Dynamite and officially signed with the company. May’s departure from STARDOM earlier this year sparked reactions from STARDOM Executive Producer Rossy Ogawa and President of STARDOM parent company Bushiroad, Takaaki Kidani.

Rossy Ogawa took to Twitter to express his thoughts on May’s signing with AEW. He acknowledged that May’s appearance in STARDOM caught the attention of AEW and mentioned that the world of wrestling through STARDOM can be complicated. However, he confirmed that what they saw was indeed correct and wished May the best in her future endeavors with AEW.

Takaaki Kidani also shared his positive outlook on May’s move to AEW. He tweeted that looking at it from a positive perspective, May’s signing makes it easier for STARDOM to attract promising future talent. He expressed his excitement about this development and described it as excellent.

May’s signing with AEW not only highlights her talent but also showcases the global reach and influence of STARDOM. It demonstrates that STARDOM is a platform where talented wrestlers can gain recognition and opportunities to further their careers on an international level.

This news also emphasizes the growing competition and collaboration within the professional wrestling industry. AEW, led by Tony Khan, has been making waves since its inception and has become a major player in the wrestling scene. The signing of Mariah May adds to the roster of talented wrestlers in AEW and further solidifies the company’s position as a top promotion.

For fans of professional wrestling, this signing opens up new possibilities for exciting matches and storylines. It creates anticipation for how May will be utilized in AEW and what impact she will make in the company.

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Overall, Mariah May’s signing with AEW is a significant development in the world of professional wrestling. It showcases the talent and potential that exists within STARDOM and highlights the ongoing evolution of the industry. Fans can look forward to seeing May’s journey unfold in AEW and witness the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for her.