Bully Ray Pushed For Marty Scurll To Win World Title, Wouldn’t Have Made Him ROH Booker

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Bully Ray Pushed For Marty Scurll To Win World Title, Wouldn’t Have Made Him ROH Booker

Marty Scurll

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Marty Scurll is back with Ring of Honor, and will now also be the head booker for the company as a part of his new contract. Speaking on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray spoke about the decision, where he said he wouldn’t have made Scurll the head booker for the company, while also discussing that he was pushing for him to win the ROH World Championship.

During the discussion, Bully Ray said that he wouldn’t make Scurll head booker, just because of how difficult the job is. “Being the booker is a very difficult job, just on its own. (transcription via Fightful).” he said. “ecause you’re worrying about creative or direction of matches for the entire company. Marty, being a top guy, has to worry about the stuff he’s doing and now has to be a patient and good listener to all of the other talent in the company. “

Ray went on to say that history shows us that top superstars who get handed the title of booker that it doesn’t always work out well. While Ray said that there’s no doubt that Scurll is an incredibly creative superstar, it’s different when it comes to having to plan matches that might benefit a ton of other superstars.

Later on in the talk, Ray said that he would have given Marty the ROH World Champion at ROH-NJPW G1 Supercard in April 2019. “I would have made Marty my ROH Champion.” he said. “I was the one who vouched for and went on record before MSG — I went to all of the higher-ups in ROH and said, ‘This is the guy that should be your champion.’ And I gave them every reason why.”

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