Bully Ray Doesn’t Like The Angle, But Says Rusev, Lana & Bobby Lashley ‘Are Trying Very Hard To Get It Over’

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Bully Ray Doesn’t Like The Angle, But Says Rusev, Lana & Bobby Lashley ‘Are Trying Very Hard To Get It Over’

It’s the storyline that just keeps going…@bullyray5150 doubles down on his tweet during last night’s #RAW, giving praise to @RusevBUL @LanaWWE & @fightbobby for giving 110% no matter what 👊 pic.twitter.com/SwE1WqN8FX

— SiriusXM Busted Open (@BustedOpenRadio) November 12, 2019

The current storyline involving Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley is one of the most controversial angles that the WWE has done in some time. While he may not be a big fan of it, Bully Ray discussed the angle during his time on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, where he praised all of the superstars involved for how hard they’re working through it.

“Not a monster fan of the storyline,” he said. “But I am a very big fan of the three of them trying as hard as they are to get this over.” Bully Ray then went on to discuss a tweet that he sent out on Monday night, where he said that the storyline was not good, but that he credited the three superstars involved with trying to get it over no matter what. After catching some flak for the tweet, Ray went on to explain his thought process.

“I was agreeing with the majority of the fanbase, saying that they don’t like this,” he said. “But I was also trying to give a little credit where credit is due, and try and be a little bit positive when it came to those three individuals.” Bully Ray then said that anyone who criticized the tweet or said that he didn’t know what he was talking about could “go to hell.”

“I wasn’t talking about the storyline, I was talking about the performances of the individuals,” he said. “The individuals show up at work and they do what is asked of them to do, and the three of them are doing a pretty good job, especially Rusev. Because if you have to watch your wife make out with another man every single week on RAW, in front of 20,000 people in arena, and millions watching all over the world, that’s pretty difficult.”

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