Bully Ray Calls GUNTHER #2 Greatest Intercontinental Champion – Shares #1

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WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER will soon have the longest individual reign with the title, and he’s the second-greatest holder of the gold according to Bully Ray.

GUNTHER will break the Honky Tonk Man’s record this Friday, September 8, and would retain his title against Chad Gable on this week’s RAW.


Speaking on “Busted Open Radio,” Bully Ray praised GUNTHER’s work but said that Pedro Morales will always be his favorite Intercontinental Champion. He said,

“The real Intercontinental Championship and champion to me was Pedro Morales, and now second in my eyes is GUNTHER. The only reason I say second in my eyes is because Pedro was the guy I grew up on. He set the tone, he set the standard, and he became a World Heavyweight Champion.

“So yeah, I understand the number of days as champion that GUNTHER is number one, but GUNTHER is my number two right now, only because Pedro was, always was my one.”

Morales would win the Intercontinental Championship twice, becoming the first multi-time champion, and would hold the gold for a combined record of 617 days.

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