Building A Brand: NXT Superstars Who Should Stay On Wednesdays

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Building A Brand: NXT Superstars Who Should Stay On Wednesdays

Rhea Ripley

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

NXT has reached a new level in the second half of 2019 following the move to the USA Network. While the build to Survivor Series and the crossover led to some criticism (in the sense that NXT lost its identity in an episode or two), the Takeover show following that compensated for it and more.

Survivor Series 2019 weekend will go down as one of the most important periods in the brand’s progression as it was also the biggest push that the company had ever given it. Now, we know that NXT has long surpassed the “developmental” tag but dominating Survivor Series the way they did (after a grueling, physical night at Takeover the night before) was a statement in a big way and the stock of the brand and its superstars have grown exponentially.

Even in defeat, we’ve had superstars like Keith Lee who stole the show and looked like the next big thing. Since NXT is the third brand and a live two-hour show, there are a few superstars who should be protected from a draft to RAW or SmackDown for a few more years at least. These are the main names.

Dakota Kai

Photo Credit: WrestleZone, Dakota Kai at NXT ‘Takeover: Chicago’ 2018

#5.) Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai is one of the brightest stars of the NXT Women’s division. She’s a great in-ring talent but her vanilla babyface character resembled that of Bayley’s and that wouldn’t have taken her far in the long run. However, it seems as though NXT learned their lesson with Bayley and establishing only a singular character arc and at Takeover: WarGames, Dakota Kai shocked the NXT Universe by turning heel and viciously attacking Tegan Nox, taking her out of the match.

It was a big twist in her character arc and one that will undoubtedly add a lot of edge to her character. She needs to spend a few years longer in NXT going through various phases and it can even lead to a babyface turn and eventually translate to an NXT Women’s Championship.

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