Buddy Murphy Says Losing His First Name Was His Idea

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Buddy Murphy Says Losing His First Name Was His Idea

buddy murphy

Photo Credit: WWE

Buddy Murphy felt that his first name might have been a little too playful for a heel.

Throughout his WWE career, Buddy Murphy would randomly receive name changes where he would drop and then re-pick up his first name. Now, Murphy tells Chris Van Vliet that dropping his first name was his idea especially when he made the decision to be the disciple of Seth Rollins.

“That was my idea. But the whole story behind it was never told. So I was talking to Michael Hayes and he goes ‘Buddy!’ I’m like ‘Hey Michael what’s up?’ He goes ‘Buddy, it’s too friendly.’ So I’m like maybe I should go back to Murphy. In NXT it was Blake and Murphy, I don’t need Buddy. Maybe because I am this disciple character, and Buddy doesn’t fit. I said ‘Well how about I sacrifice my given name for the greater good?’ Now I am becoming reborn to Seth. I’m giving away my birth name and I will be known as a number for the greater cause. Next week, I am just Murphy, never explained. The whole idea was I am doing this for Seth and when I leave Seth, I go back to Buddy Murphy. I didn’t like that. They could have explained it a lot. The fact that we are talking about it now, they are questions that should not have to be answered a year and a half later.”

Murphy was released by WWE on Thursday, April 15, 2021, and now looks to re-establish himself on the independent circuit and beyond.

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You can see the full interview below: