Bryan Danielson On His & Jon Moxley’s Contributions In AEW, Licensed Songs Note

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During the post-show media scrum at AEW All Out 2023, Bryan Danielson discussed how he and Jon Moxley have stepped up for AEW despite their setbacks.

At All Out 2023, Danielson returned from injury to face Ricky Starks in a match that had been rumored for CM Punk. However, Punk was fired from AEW a day before the event.


Moxley ended up headlining All Out 2023 with Orange Cassidy instead of Punk vs. Starks.

Danielson said, One of the ethics that I believe in is you step up when you need to step up. It’s interesting when you’re crossing between real life and story, but we as the BCC [Blackpool Combat Club], as a collective, who are real friends, we take stepping up seriously, whether that is in story or real life. Nobody is a better example of that than Jon Moxley, who has stepped up every time we’ve needed him to. I just see it as a way of life for us. ‘If you need us, if something needs to happen,Tony [Tony Khan], I can do this.’ Mox will say, ‘I can do this.’ There is nothing that Tony needs that we won’t do for him. That goes with creative, with doing the match [at All Out], anything like that.”

During a panel at Starrcast VI, AEW lawyer Christopher Peck spoke about the promotion acquiring licensed songs from various renowned bands recently.

The licensed songs include the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil”, Europe’s “The Final Countdown” and Kansas’s “Carry On Wayward Son.”

Peck said, The one that I was most proud of that we got cleared was the Rolling Stones song. That was one where the firm came back to me and said, ‘Tell Tony we’re not getting this, it’s not happening.’ ‘No, we’re gonna go for it.’ This is a firm that works with the NFL and other organizations. ‘Listen, it’s been 30 years I’ve been doing this, we’re not getting it.’ We went through the process and the approval came through. I’ve never seen Tony so happy. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Final Countdown was another one. That was one we went back and forth and were working with the rights holders. When that came through, just as a wrestling fan, that was a cool moment,” said Peck. “We go down swinging. I always tell guys, ‘we might not get it.’ An example for this past week, I flew in on Friday (before AEW All In) and got a request at five eastern for a song for Sunday. That’s not going to happen, it’s two days from now. Kansas, for The Elite, that was one where I was getting calls and texts during the show trying to chase it down. We had an alternate track. I don’t think we had it locked in until the show was in progress.

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