Bryan Danielson On ‘Forbidden Door‘ Aspirations: For Right Now, I’m Going To Focus On AEW And Go From There

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Bryan Danielson On ‘Forbidden Door‘ Aspirations: For Right Now, I’m Going To Focus On AEW And Go From There

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Knocking down the forbidden door is on Bryan Danielson‘s list, but he’s focused on All Elite Wrestling until things open up a little more.

Bryan Danielson made his promotional debut when he saved Jurassic Express and Christian Cage from a beat down by The Elite and Adam Cole, who also debuted at AEW All Out. After the event, Danielson spoke to the media and discussed how wrestling around the world in other promotions such as New Japan Pro-Wrestling was such an important factor in him making the jump over to AEW, but he’ll worry about working there when it’s a little safer to do so.

“Look, we all know we’re in a weird situation with COVID. I would love, love, love, love, love to go wrestle in New Japan. But with COVID being what it is right now, I can’t quarantine for two weeks to go do a couple shows in Japan, I just can’t do it. I would love to wrestle in Mexico, I don’t know if that’s the safest thing in the world to do right now, you know what I mean? So, for right now,” Danielson said, “I’m going to focus on AEW and then go from there.

“But, I do want to say this, that [working in multiple promotions] is only possible because of what the people who started this company have built. There’s other wrestling company’s out there who have great talent—besides WWE—and I didn’t hear really anybody clamoring for me to go to them. There’s a reason people were clamoring for me to come here,” Danielson noted, “and that’s because of what they already built. Before [CM] Punk got here, before I got here, people were already excited. Like ‘oh, imagine if you added this person to this already fantastic mix’? That’s what gives you chills.”

Danielson also spoke about being excited at the prospect of working with new talent, as it gives him a first-hand account of seeing how good the AEW roster truly is. Danielson said that while CM Punk wants to work with the younger talent, he jokingly said he’s “gonna kick their f-ckin’ heads off!” Check out his full media scrum at this link.

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