Bryan Danielson: I’m Not Here To Show How Good I Am, I’ll Show Everybody What ‘Elite’ Really Looks Like

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Bryan Danielson: I’m Not Here To Show How Good I Am, I’ll Show Everybody What ‘Elite’ Really Looks Like

Bryan Danielson reveals why he ultimately came to All Elite Wrestling.

After he made his AEW debut on Sunday night, Bryan Danielson took part in a post-show media scrum and talked about why he joined the promotion. Danielson said he’s not being brash when he talks about how talented he is, but he needed a first-hand account of what makes the AEW roster so good.

“I don’t worry about it. It was really interesting to me, one of the reasons why I’m here is not to see how good I am. I know I’m good, I think everyone knows I’m good, and I’m not cocky about it, I’ve just been around the world, I’ve been in the ring with the best guys and all that kind of stuff. I want to see how good these guys are. Because you can only see how good they are by watching. I’ve watched Kenny Omega and I think, ‘Man…’ The last time I wrestled him had to have been 2007 or 2008. He looks like he’s gotten good. Is he? Is he as good as he looks? Jungle Boy, when I see Darby Allin, when I see all of these people, I think they’re good,” Danielson explained, “but I wonder how good they are. And that sort of thing excites me. I’m excited by the idea of new, fresh, and I’m excited by the things that they’ve built here.”

Bryan Danielson was also asked if there was a particular moment that helped him decide to join AEW. He said it wasn’t a moment, but he did feel like AEW provided him a new outlet of sorts to showcase his skills.

“What I had said out there [in the arena during an off-air speech], none of that was a ‘promo.’ I loved where I worked before, and I loved the people I worked with,” Danielson stated. “There was never a moment where I was like ‘now I know’ [I should go to AEW]. I kept seeing it and [being impressed].

“I don’t know how many of you are married or have kids, but when you’re married and have kids, your life becomes a little bit tame. I love it, but it’s a little bit tame. I need one part of my life that’s a little bit wild. You see these guys doing these crazy things and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, can I do that?’ Hell yes I can! I’m going to go out there and show everybody here what Elite really looks like,” he said. “This is what Elite looks like, and [CM] Punk had come in and said ‘I want to come in and help the young guys’ and all that stuff. No man, I’m gonna kick their fuckin’ heads off!”

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Bryan Danielson was one of many surprises on the night, as Adam Cole also debuted on the pay-per-view on Sunday. Read more about their respective debuts at this link.

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