Bryan Danielson Exposes How Brie Garcia Annoys Him In The Bed room

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Bryan Danielson was a current visitor on the “Unconsciously Coupled” podcast to go over a range of subjects, including his other half and WWE Hall of Famer Brie Garcia.

Throughout the podcast, the AEW wrestler exposed that he likes to be in bed by 8:15 PM and he gets irritated with Brie seeing television in bed while he is attempting to sleep.

You can have a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

On is sleeping practices: “I enjoy going to sleep by 8:15. I wish to be sleeping by 8:15. I seem like, specifically this time of year, it’s much easier due to the fact that it gets dark so early. I’ve never ever consumed in my life. I’ve never ever associated night time with enjoyable time. I’ve constantly associated daytime with enjoyable things. Throughout the day, you can go treking. You can do this or that. Night time, what’s there to do during the night time? I think, see television. I do not truly see programs.”

On Brie on viewing television in bed while he is attempting to sleep: “She sees, ideal beside me, her program, on complete blast. What I do when I wish to go to check out or sleep or whatever, I placed on earphones. I place on an eye mask. I head out of my method to make her life easier. How simple would it be for her to place on earphones due to the fact that she’s enjoying it on her iPad anyhow, how simple would it be for her to place on earphones? It’s not on the television.”

On how Brie runs the program: “I wish to compose this book. It’s called, Why Men Are The Best: The History Of The Stronger, Faster, Smarter, Overall Better Sex. I state it, jokingly, since everybody who understands me and understands us, she’s the one on the bed seeing her programs without any earphones, and I’m simply the one attempting to sleep, and I have my earphones on, however she’s the one who runs the program.”

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