Bruce Prichard’s Perspective on Netflix’s ‘Wrestlers’ as a Portrayal of the Wrestling Industry

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Bruce Prichard recently talked about a wide range of topics on his Something To Wrestle With podcast. 

During it, the WWE executive talked about the hit Netflix series, ‘Wrestlers’ which premiered on the streaming service last month. 


“I think it was an accurate depiction of what life is in Louisville, Kentucky and having to go through that system in an independent wrestling world. I think that it’s — it ain’t easy, man, it ain’t ballad. You got to start somewhere and a lot of times, you’ve got to end somewhere. Some people start and end at the same place, but it’s a tough business and I’m happy for Al Snow.”

“I’m old school, you have to put on your 2023 hat and look at things and I don’t know if there are — there are certain things, it’s just hard. We’ve tried to grow the business, we’ve tried to elevate the business but yet at the same time, there are places where it’s still gonna be the wrasslin business and that’s a depiction of the wrasslin business.”

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Bruce Prichard Discusses Netflix Series ‘Wrestlers’ on His Podcast

Bruce Prichard, a WWE executive, recently shared his thoughts on the hit Netflix series ‘Wrestlers’ during an episode of his podcast, Something To Wrestle With. The series, which premiered on the streaming service last month, offers an inside look into the world of professional wrestling.

Prichard praised the show for its accurate depiction of life in Louisville, Kentucky, and the challenges faced by wrestlers in the independent wrestling circuit. He acknowledged that breaking into the industry is not easy and often requires starting from the bottom and working one’s way up. Prichard expressed his happiness for Al Snow, a former professional wrestler who is featured in the series.

As an old-school wrestling veteran, Prichard also discussed the evolution of the business. He mentioned that while efforts have been made to grow and elevate the industry, there are still aspects that remain true to its roots. Prichard emphasized that wrestling is a tough business and that ‘Wrestlers’ accurately portrays the realities of the industry.

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In conclusion, Bruce Prichard’s discussion of the Netflix series ‘Wrestlers’ on his podcast shed light on the challenges faced by wrestlers in the independent circuit and highlighted the show’s accurate portrayal of the wrestling industry. With providing up-to-date coverage, fans can stay informed about all things wrestling.