Bruce Prichard: WCW Called The Cops When DX Invaded Their Headquarters

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The office staff of WCW felt they had to call the cops when DX showed up in 1998, according to Bruce Prichard.

While DX’s invasion of Nitro is fondly remembered, the group of renegades showed up at WCW’s offices a week after the Nitro ‘invasion.’


On the latest episode of “Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard,” Prichard discussed the segment and the reaction to those as WCW headquarters. He said,

“They called 911 and said that their building was being assaulted by a group of individuals with weapons… They get out and they’re putting us up against the van and all this other stuff.”

Prichard claimed that he had explained the situation to local authorities earlier in the day, but that the chief of police still wanted to arrest the faction.

While DX were ordered to get on the next flight to their next show, the faction decided to stop by CNN headquarters, which like TNT, was also owned by Ted Turner.

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